Monday, March 23, 2015

Where I Want to Be, but I Guess I'm Already There

Well, the Wild and Crazy Guy's still got it, because Steve Martin's latest, DreamWorks' Home is #1 with a bullet.  Good luck enjoying the silence now, DUDE!!!  As for Bazinga, well... damn it, didn't want to say that.  But Jim Parsons is the new John Lithgow, no question.  An unqualified success, with nothing but awards shows, charity work and felony sexual assaults to look forward to for the rest of his career.  It's the new celebrity, or maybe it's always been that way.  I'm far too naive that way.
Meanwhile, at #2, it's Will Ferrell's latest called Get Hard, about a cop in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he's got to step on broken glass to get away from... oh, right.  That's Die Hard... like the Sears battery?  Whatever.  The point is, it's happening already.  Jon Stewart mentions in passing that he's leaving The Daily Show, and the rats are leaving the ship.  I mean, both Ferrell and Hart stop by the show to push this movie and... it debuts at #2?  Where's the influence?  Where's the church, where's Jon's sheeples?  The website is called Funny or Die, not Funny, Die or Wait til it's on Video!!! 
Of course, none of this is going to slow down Will Ferrell.  His next collaboration with Mark Wahlberg, tentatively titled Daddy's Home, is in production.  We might not see it in the theaters, but we're probably going to see it on video.  Or maybe just cable.  There's a Marky Mark fan in this house, they're just not terribly dedicated.  So much of his body of work that we're never going to see, so little time...
The last debut this week is the hot young horror film on the block called It Follows.  The synopsis sounds a little bit like 1982's The Entity, but with a twist, probably.  This surely marks the arrival of... oh, let's say RADiUS-TWC.  I saw their logo in the TV commercials.  I was going to say the arrival of writer director David Robert Mitchell, but he's been at this game far too long to be a fresh face.

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