Monday, March 30, 2015

I have to call you up, I think I've seen a vision of Woman in Gold

No cat dared ever move that way, no Klimt would dare to be so bold... something like that.  Anyway, I've given you enough to go on for Google.  Of course, my musical references are usually from the same shallow pool as it is.  But unlike the Drudge Report, I won't completely neglect the good news that the nation gives Paul Walker one last hurrah with the huge take for Furious 7, I believe is the official title.  Alas, the IMDb connections page is behind the times, so we don't yet know when the next few sequels will be released.  When you've got a primetime Talking Dead-esque special on one of the former major television networks (NBC)... well, I highly and/or seriously doubt that they're going to stop milking a cash cow of that magnitude.  I'm trying to delicately sidestep the cultural implications of replacing Paul Walker, but surely the networks and studios involved have thought about it.  Maybe that douchebag who's the new Robocop will do it!
Anyway, the other debut this week is Woman in Gold, and apparently America didn't want any dosage of castor oil at the theatre this week.  Nothing but sugar rush, sugar rush, sugar rush.  Or maybe Van Wilder let down his fan base for the last time.  I mean, for God's sake.  Not only is he tackling a serious role, but he's now a four-eyes to boot.  Double stab in the back.  We may be ignorant, but we're not stupid!  We know a bad time at the googolplex when we smell it.  But alas, even Van Wilder has to grow up eventually, I suppose.  After all, look what Taj is up to!  Big high-profile government job, all while working for Rupert Murdoch... oh, I'm sorry.  I thought he was hosting some new show on National Geographic channel.  We gotta keep hush hush about that.  As for Helen Mirren, well, I'm guessing she felt about as low as she did on the set of National Treasure 2.  But work is work.  Still beats complete retirement, I suppose.

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