Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The Restructuring of Hollywood

I hate to include two pictures in my posts as some of you may know, but the world has just gone that crazy.  I mean, if you can't trust a TV media blitz, what can you trust?  Clearly not the American moviegoing public to do their jobs, to take their little brats out to the movies on a weekend!  I mean, just look at these numbers.  LOOK AT THEM!!! (warning: link only good for week of March 8th, 2015)  LOOK UPON THEM!!!!!!!!!
All I know is, if I was performing that badly at work, the boss would have to pull me aside and talk to me.  This, of course, has happened at multiple workplaces.  Clearly I should have taken a page from some of my high school teachers who were busy writing their million dollar novel on the side.  You could tell that us mere peasant students weren't good enough for them.
Well, all I know is that Sigourney Weaver went on the Stew Beef show to help push Chappie, and it worked... in a way.  I mean, #1 with only 13 million dollars?  That's unlucky, and not just for the Jesus reason.  Meanwhile, everyone but James Lassiter... oh, wait, he might be a little happy about it.  The Fresh Prince's new movie, Focus, has slipped to #2.  Lassiter didn't produce this one, so he don't care.  Well, I hate to break it to my friends who don't like Will Smith, but it is indeed true.  Even I can't deny that the less-than-stellar performance of this movie at the box office is going to put a dent in the five movies that Will Smith is currently working on.  How that dent will manifest itself, I don't exactly know.  The Fresh Prince is probably just happy that people have stopped mentioning After Earth for a while.
But back to this week's debuts!  We got a couple more.  At #3, the story of a hotel in India frequented by British people continues, and it's called The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  So it's slightly surprising that it debuts at #3 this week.  As for Vince Vaughn's little movie, well, I was going to say more, but seeing as how it debuted at #10, I think I'm just going to say that Unfinished Business is finished.  Poor Tom Wilkinson!  He should've done the Marigold Hotel sequel instead.  As for the poster with the guy with a beer for a head, well... all I know is that Europe is a much more liberal society, because the poster for the movie over there has Photoshopped in a picture of a penis instead of a beer.  Arguably, it's more apt.

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