Monday, May 18, 2015

Auteur Watch - Barry Michael Cooper

I sorta knew this guy without knowing it.  Of course, if you grew up in the turbulent '90s, you might remember seeing ads on TV for such films as New Jack City, Sugar Hill and Above the Rim.  Well, screenwriter Barry Michael Cooper is the common thread that ties them all together, so to speak.
Naturally, with a track record as good as that, if you're a guy like Cooper, you look at the bozos that directed those movies and you think to yourself, well, hell!  I could direct one of these!  The good news is he did just that... the bad news is, it took him ten years to make the dream happen.  And so, in 2005, the world saw the premiere of Blood on the Wall$... hmm.  Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm just a prejudiced old fart, but 1) I'm a little skeptical of any movie with a dollar sign in the title, and 2) ... did anyone not named Cooper actually see this movie?  No reviews, no votes, a $5,000 budget... does this film actually exist?  Oh well.  If Barry appears as himself in enough documentaries, the film might get a release, if only on DVD.

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