Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Auteur Watch - David Twohy

Pay attention, wannabes, because David Twohy's career is one you're gonna want to study, and carefully. First of all, because screenwriting is a surefure way to get in the biz, especially through the horror genre. Helgeland did it. Darabont did it. And, apparently, Twohy did it. Oh, and it helps to have an interesting name. Either a really interesting name, or a really bland one, like Jack Sholder.
Anyway, as wacked out as Twohy is, even HE would have to admit that things really started picking up after his screenplay for the big time Hollywood flick, 1993's The Fugitive. Not directed by him, which is probably for the best; and besides, he had prior commitments and/or scheduling conflicts.
And so, after clawing his way to the top over the bodies of fallen WGA comrades, he decides to blow his political capital on Charlie Sheen, of all people, first with Terminal Velocity, and then The Arrival. Well, he only directed the one, so he gets half the blame.
And then, what surely is his favorite decade, the rolling 2000s, began in full. This time, he was to hitch his wagon to rising star Mark Vincent... I mean, Robert L. Riddick, aka VIN DIESEL, b'atches!! But this high-octane star only puts out enough CO-cool for one director at a time, and right after Pitch Black, Vin decides to let Rob Cohen ruin his career for a while. But sequel time came, and Pitch Black 2 aka The Chronicles of Riddick, was born via painful C-section. And with TCoR in theaters at #1, the Times New Roman font was popular once again, but only after it was dolled up with a sci-fi twist. After THAT rollicking success, Twohy took a much-deserved 5-year vacation, which must've prompted him to write and direct 2009's A Perfect Getaway which, unfortunately, will be part of my year-end wrap-up of films that managed to stay on the Top 10 for EXACTLY one week!
But disaster has never held back David Twohy for long. What's up next on his plate? A coupla sequels: Brazilian Job, The and Untitled Riddick Sequel; sorry, peons! Only the fortunate subscribers to IMDb Pro can find out about THAT one!

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