Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Vaughn-ie, Vincent Invasion

Dude, what happened to you, man? Surely the guy on the right is your less successful car salesman cousin? Well, all our facial angles can't be winners, I guess. We'll let this one go. We'll let it slide. Yes, once again Vince Vaughn proves he was the right choice for Dodgeball as his Couples Retreat is #1 at the box office this week. The only other debut is Paranormal Activity at #5, and with a budget of $11,000, the actors will surely sue for part of those profits!
As for the rest, well, I've got to keep it short this week, so I guess I'll shut up instead of making my usual preparations to 'nut up.' Zombieland at #2, but the cast and crew of the film AND of Jimmy Kimmel Live are skyrocketing it to the top of the IMDb Top 250. Good job, guys! CCM is #3, beating TS at #4. Feel sorry for Pixar, folks. They've had a tough year. Their costs keep skyrocketing like this, they'll have to just keep re-releasing everything of theirs!
People are still sending their friends to go see Surrogates for them at #6, and... SURELY The Invention of Lying's budget was greater than $4 million? I have to believe that. How persuasive is this Ricky Gervais guy? He can't get the entire cast and crew to work pro bono for him, can he? Whip It continues to get its ass handed to it at #8, Capitalism: A Love Story continues to persuade Michael Moore to go back to TV shows at #9, and Fame at #10 just might put the final nail in MGM's coffin. No, wait, Hot Tub Time Machine will do that.

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