Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Risin' Like a Phoenix!

Oh, the hipsters over at Rotten Tomatoes may relegate and say this is just a stealth campaign of a major studio to market a low-budge fake indie phenom; but hey! Whatever saves on film stock, right? Use the more eco-conscious choice... something like that. Well, I haven't seen anything like it in terms of box office power, but Paranormal Activity rises to #1 after floundering a bit. I doubt that The Room's going to do this well, but it does have that cult following. Yer breakin' my heart!!!
I gotta focus on the debuts this week. The big shocker is that something beat the latest chapter in the Saw franchise. What I can't figure out is who are these people who end up being in all the sequels? They must be Jigsaw's assistants or something. I'm trying to avoid actually seeing the movies, personally. Also new this week: Astro Boy and the latest greatest vampire movie ever, Cirque du Freak. Don't care, don't care. Gotta go. ...but before I do, how did A Serious Man do this weekend? I did my part, guys! (10/29/09 emergency update: I was going to post a pic of someone in the green-tinted darkness with glowing eyes, but I knew I was missing a bet when these annoying ads with the Jack Black-esque Billy Mays wannabe in them started popping up everywhere. You go, sistah-mann!)

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