Monday, October 05, 2009

Auteur Watch - Spielberg

Is it time to do Spielberg again? This photo's going to be my ticket into ILM. Make me lead animator, please! Anyway, if I had to guess, I'd say from 1981 to 1984 would have to be Steven's favorite decade. I mean, let's face it! Normal time just doesn't apply to this guy! As always, he's got many irons in the fire. Looks like he's put his Lincoln film on hold again. Doesn't seem to be a serious R-rated Oscar contender on the horizon in his directorial cap. No, he seems to be headed back to his old popcorn movie days, producing such stuff as ... Transformers 3? How can anyone make money off that? Spider Man 3 was enough of a financial nightmare as it was; then again, most of the cost went to renting the expensive New York locales. Also, he's coddling Diablo Cody. You're barking up the wrong tree, man. He seems to be snubbing George Lucas for Peter Jackson and his WETA radio station... I mean, special effects house. He's producing PJ's The Lovely Bones, and these two Tintin movies have Gollum in it. But he'll go crawling back to Lucas anyway for... Indiana Jones 5. Yecch. Now that BETTER not suck. They just might end up making the new Star Wars trilogy seem... not so bad! Or are people that jaded from all the special effects? Personally, I think it's the unrealistic lighting that got to me, but I'll have to analyze that later, as soon as they send me some free DVDs... (cough!)

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