Monday, October 05, 2009

Auteur Watch - Michael Schultz

Oh, damn, am I falling behind! Not good. On to the next auteur, immediatement!
Oh, T.D. Jakes. I hope you know what you're doing. But I guess even the director of Car Wash deserves redemption, dontcha think? So, which decade is this guy's favourite? I'm thinkin' either the go-go 70s or the go-go 80s, but I can't tell which has more theatrical releases. Or which has the higher quality. Probably the 70s with their kitsch value. Why, even Robert Greenwald, the new darling of the Left, had his Xanadu! During that critical transition period between the two decades. Yes, after 1991's Livin' Large! it was back to TV work full time and full bore. But big things are on the horizon: 2010's Pool Boy, which is either based on a forgotten Adam Sandler SNL character, or it's perhaps an ironic comment on our increasingly porno-centric culture. Either way, it probably means the 2010s are going to end up being Mr. Schultz' favourite decade. You're not older, you're better!

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