Friday, October 30, 2009

BONUS Auteur Watch - Coen Bros.

I think this is how I came up with my auteur decade theory in the first place! Hard to say with the Coens, and they'd probably never admit it, but it seems like each decade was fraught with equal parts glory and shame. The nineties didn't merit as many Oscars as did the 2000s, but surely they're pining for their ill-spent youth. As you can see from the handy chart, they're totally throwing off my theory with A Serious Man. Hail Caesar is supposed to go in that spot, but Clooney was too busy doing Leatherheads at the time... guess that's close enough. Perhaps if I re-title the 40s noir category as the "Doomed Protagonist" category instead. I'll rest up on it. Meanwhile, just saw a little bit of Army of Darkness and, just like in Crimewave, before the bad guys attack they cry out "Ramming speed!" No good line goes un-recycled. I better go now.

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