Monday, October 19, 2009

Why, right here!

And the Hankster brings another beloved kids' book to life. Well, this one's doing better than The Ant Bully, anyway. I gotta keep it brief this week, folks, but let me just say that every time I go to the gym they play this annoying Lady Gaga song, "Poker Face." Which proves what I've always said: BOAT HORNS ARE NOT MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS!!!! Okay, back to the movies.
Law Abiding Citizen is vaguely like other movies at #2. Perhaps F. Gary Gray's moving up in the world after all! Call it his sequel to The Negotiator.
In some unusual news, Paranormal Activity leaps from #5 last week up to #3! There's rarely such movement in the Top 10, and given the film's budget of $11,000 (2007 dollars), all concerned are already on easy street! The cast of the film will file a class action lawsuit in no time. And finally, the last debut this week, is The Stepfather. I saw the original some 22 odd years ago... where was I? Oh yeah. The MAIN thing is, I briefly saw actor Dylan Walsh on some talk show, acting like he's Laurence Olivier or something. Oh, this is his moment to shine, baby! I keep confusing him with Dylan Baker. Different beast. I'm still waiting for him to do a road picture with Steve Buscemi and Willem Dafoe, playing brothers that have to drive a 57 Chevy across the country as part of their father's dying wish. Too bad Vincent Price is unavailable for that role! I'm still waiting for Baker to play Stan Laurel in a new reincarnation of Laurel & Hardy. Ethan Suplee's too thin now to play Babe. Oh well. I consider it a lost opportunity. Speaking of which, back to the homework...

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