Sunday, January 24, 2010

Auteur Watch - Gillian Armstrong

Sorry, folks, gotta keep it short again, but I probably couldn't do her justice anyway; not as well as, say, ... her IMDb bio page. No one wants to step up to the plate? Not even gafan83598756? Hmmph! Some fan.
Anyway, what's her favourite decade, ya reckon? Was it the go-go 70s where it was mostly short films? She was young, in her prime, all the guys hitting on her, that is, until they found out how weird she was. A gurl film director? Nevuh happen. Have another Foster's. Or was it the 80s when she caught the Australian New Wave? I watched Mrs. Soffel, but was much too young to fully appreciate its maturity. But Bob Dylan apparently could! And soon Gillian Armstrong was the female Jonathan Demme of the 80s, but somehow MTV never let her catch on.
Maybe the go-go 90s would be kinder. I actually saw Little Women lo those many years ago. I will confess that the DVD cover almost makes it look like a movie from the 1950s or so. Doesn't Winona Ryder look just like a young Judy Garland without Mickey Rooney trying to drag her down? Or maybe it's the go-go 2000s? Armstrong rode the Cate Blanchett Gravy Train for as long as she could. It started with Oscar and Lucinda, and apparently ended with Charlotte Gray. I mean, Gillian's good and all, but she's no Shekhar Kapur, for one. And so, cast adrift, she might as well go back to doing short films. No, surely, the Decade of Dubya's no longer her favorite. All I know is, from all the bonafide directors I've heard from, the latest decade is always the best. And look! Something called The All of It is coming up in the 2010s. I don't have IMDb Pro yet, so I don't know anything about it. So I'm forced to look elsewhere for information... Carlino!?! Is that the best you could do, G.A.? I mean, seriously?

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