Sunday, January 10, 2010

We Need 31 baby models to wear UGG Boots

Boy, the spam emails are sure getting weirder and weirder. Well, the Avatar juggernaut grinds on at #1 for the 4th week in a row. It'll be a happy Valentine's Day at the Cameron household, but even he knows better than to re-release Strange Days. As for the rest, well, it's an anemic crop of debuts this week. At #4, Daybreakers, the latest not-as-sexy-as-Twilight vampires to grace the silver screen. Well, Ethan, you're still the poor man's Tom Cruise to me! At #6, a rom-com called Leap Year. That Amy Adams can sell anything, but she's overexposed now. Take a couple years off. Backpack through Europe, girlfriend. At #9, Youth in Revolt. That's the problem! They're revolting, and not going to see the movies. Damn cynical youth. I'm so outta here.

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