Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pandora's Peaks

Oh, I gotta be careful. I'm still at 2% of my image capacity. I mean, even a geriatric Mel Gibson can't joust Avatar from the top position for the unprecedented seventh straight week in a row. I haven't seen anything like it since... Titanic? The Dark Knight? Home Alone? It must really have something! I do like how those flying dragon things have heads that kind of make them look like geese heads when their mouths are shut. You know, with the red chins?... never mind. Edge of Darkness debuts strong at #2, even though they spent that much on TV spots. And the other deubt this week is When in Rome. Oh, Kristen Bell... you had to go and blow all your Sarah Marshall street cred on this turkey? What were you thinking? I'll tell you what you were thinking. You WEREN'T thinking! That's what you were thinking! I gotta go... the Simpsons is on! Homer gets a lotto ticket... just like Roseanne!

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