Sunday, January 24, 2010

'Avatar' Finally Turns a Profit

Yes, I think even Spielberg has to admit that... nah, he's still pointing out the similarities to Jurassic Park. Tintin just better be good, that's all I'm saying. Meanwhile, my grumpy friend's complaining that, still, this doesn't reflect raw ticket sales. Why, back in the day, when E.T. or Jaws was a blockbuster, the tickets were, like, 3 bucks a pop! Somehow there were more people back then, and they were all going to the movies. Well, the technology was trying to catch up back then. But at the rate this is going, Avatar will still be #1 when the Oscars roll around! How crazy would that be?
Meanwhile, a sufficient challenger has yet to claim the throne. Three newbies this week have tried: Extraordinary Measures with Harrison Ford, Tooth Fairy with Julie Andrews... she went on The Daily Show, for God's sake! She NEVER does press anymore! And of course, Legion, another one of those sci-fi thrillers that invents some excuse that allows grandmothers to crawl on the ceiling and delivery boys to look like Batboy from the Weekly World News. Sorry, guys, but even Americans have standards now, and they won't drop off their kids at just ANY old piece of crap anymore. Too much excitement; I gotta go...

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Mike said...

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