Sunday, May 09, 2010

Auteur Watch - Anne Fletcher

Oh, this is bad. The box office opens in a mere matter of hours and here I am, not having profiled our next auteur! Shame on me. But on the bright side I finally figured out the lyrics to that song about the cheater in the call center. It's actually Shakira's "She-Wolf" about letting a she-wolf out of the closet! Go figure. Something about the gym speakers that muffles the words, I suppose. ¶ Anywho, our next auteur babe is someone named... Anne Fletcher. Oh, she's riding sky high now, but she's paid some serious dues, most notably as a choreographer. Hence her directorial debut, Step Up. Well, it was just a matter of time before Channing Tatum's career was launched. From there, Fletcher moved on to more ambitious fare, something more suited for the likes of a costume designer-turned-director, but God bless her, she wanted it more, and so 27 Dresses was next. How she got The Proposal, I'll never know. I guess Sandra Bullock figured she was a pushover or a nobody, or both, but it worked out for all in the end. Who knows what's next for Anne Fletcher? The glass ceiling's the limit, baby. Fight the power!

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