Sunday, May 09, 2010

Iron Man 2, pt. 1

Let's see if I can get away with this... Niiiiice! As one of my classmates always says. Well, surprise surprise, Iron Man 2 debuts at #1. On the other hand... only $134 million? That won't even begin to cover the cross-promotion costs! For some reason, I get kind of a WWE-Monster Truck rally vibe with that one scene with Mickey Rourke. Must just be me. Welp, here's hoping Iron Man 3 manages to avoid the pitfalls of Spider Man 3.
In other news, when a big blockbuster skews the results for everyone, interesting things happen... sometimes. Why did I get Married Too is still gone, though. Probably for the best. The way is cleared for Tyler Perry's 2010 Fall project, anyway. That's the main thing. Death at a Funeral rises from 9 to 8, and Furry Vengeance hangs tough dropping from 5 to 6! I thought it'd be totally gone by now! How to Train your Dragon hangs in at #3. That must be a helluva movie! But the real story is the other debut this week, Bebes. I'm sorry, let me get the spelling right... Bébé(s). That's more like it. They took that rapping French baby from 10 years ago and turned it into a whole movie! Et d'ur d'ur être bébé? Am I the only one who remembers? Well, me and Beavis and Butthead? I gotta go...

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