Monday, May 31, 2010

Auteur Watch - Maggie Greenwald

Okay, I feel better now. So! Who's the next super chick directing the big super flicks? Why, it's someone named Maggie Greenwald! Well, the IMDb knows about as much as I do about her, but from the looks of it she's indeed living the big-time woman director's American dream. Working her way up through the ranks of the sound editing trade, she finally came to realize that hell! Directing's really about sound! I can direct these turkeys better than those tyrants John Hughes and Michael Crichton! And direct she did. Her biggest impacts were The Ballad of Little Jo... what? Can't Cameron show some damn gratitude? Give her a 1st A.D. gig on his next blockbuster or something? And the other being Songcatcher. Apparently it's a must-see, but those tragically hip hipsters over at The Onion probably don't like it for one reason or another. As you can see from the photo, there she is with ... egad! Lindsay Lohan! Well, back then it would've been an asset. Not today by any means. Why, even Tina Fey can't bring Lohan back from career freefall! What? No guest shot on 30 Rock? let me check... NO! Dayamn. Now that's a dis.
LiLo's official website (where's Stitch? tee hee hee...)

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