Friday, May 21, 2010

Auteur Watch - Jennifer Fox

Um... close enough. I first heard of Jennifer Fox in this groundbreaking documentary, To Heck with Hollywood? No! The Heck With Hollywood! (oh, I hate it when they swear) I think that documentary cost more than her feature debut, Beirut: The Last Home Movie. Of course, Fox had a little more on the line than Block did with his documentary. A documentary director named Block! How perfect is that?
Oh, but she survived those turbulent times, grappling with the likes of Ben Barenholtz... I thought he was involved. Oh well, who knows. Of the three filmmakers profiled in The Heck with Hollywood, she's clearly come the farthest. Lichtenfeld fell by the wayside, and the Only a Buck boys, well, they make minimum wage at the car wash now. But Jennifer! She's fulfilled the dream that every documentary filmmaker has getting off the bus to Hollywood: going from their original subject to the greatest subject there is that's worth documenting: themselves! Or close enough to it. But if I had to guess, I'd say that her favourite decade is the 80s: the music, the hair, and the hunger. She was hungry back then, clawing her way to the glass ceiling, sledgehammer clenched between her teeth to smash it when she reached the top. But she's not stupid: there's no way she's going to start all over again and try clawing her way to the top today. No way no how!

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