Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ever have one of those weekends?

Well, I'll bet Russell Crowe sure did. First that reporter gets his accent wrong, now this. Favreau trumps Crowe at the box office once again: it's like Elf all over again! Wotta nightmare. But come Oscar time things could work out better for Ridley Scott and company. The Oscars tend to favor the Brits, Aussies... and New Zealanders! Lemme double check... Yup! Wellington. Beats Pukerua Bay, anyway... oh, he looks so thin!
Anyway, speaking of all things regal, the other debuts this week are all the romantic crap the studios can't release in summer lest they REALLY get lost. There's Just Wright at #4 and, yup, you guessed it. Like Justin Time and ... probably something else, it's a play on the character's name. And like J. Lo, Queen Latifah's back from an extended vacation to torture us some more. But I want to end with this Letters to Juliet thing. You know, every once in a while... at least once a year, an actor or actress has, like, three movies a year. And in the case of Amanda Seyfried, this is her third this year! Second, if you don't count Chloe, but I'm counting it, because I'm an uncultured American and we're only getting it now. She's the new 'it' girl, but why am I not devastatingly attracted? Someone send me free DVDs of Big Love, will yuh?

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