Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Auteur Watch - Jez Butterworth and Tom Butterworth

Boy! They've been working out. Okay, so they're not as prolific as other sibling teams, but they've got that special something. And with titles like Night of the Golden Brain, they can KEEP it as far as I'm concerned. Rather than being fairly strict collaborators like the Coens, it's Jez who's responsible for the Butterworth directing duties.
So which decade is these guys' fave? Is it the go-go 90s when they were lean and hungry, and things were fairly simple? When people weren't yet so concerned about global warming and the Butterworths were merely grateful for the chance to be in the biz? Or was it the 2000s when they broke out with their sorta comedy slash drama Birthday Girl? It's about a guy and his Eastern Bloc mail-order bride; there's no spousal info on the Butterworths on the IMDb but I'm guessing it's autobiographically based to a degree. Perhaps one of their creepy uncles. That was the first half of the Dubya decade; the second half saw them venture into more video game / Lord of the Rings territory with The Last Legion. Too many riches, boys. Too many riches.
No, surely the 2010s are the best decade of all. Having worked on a somewhat high profile pic like Fair Game would be a feather in anybody's cap. And best of all, they're working with the NEW Nicole Kidman: Naomi Watts! Although I understand she wasn't the director's first choice.... Keep up the good work, Butterworths! And may we all have a tough time keeping up with the Butterworths. It's all award shows and college campuses talking to eager young film students from here.

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