Friday, January 14, 2011

Well, I saw the damn thing, so I might as well review it! Dept.: Fantastic Four 2

It's really more for the kids, really. After all, it is a PG movie! These days, that is an achievement in itself. Of course, PG has slowly moved to PG-13, and PG-13 has become the de-facto R. Case in point: The Dark Knight. Am I alone? Some twisted stuff in there. Anyway, I forget why I wanted to get this one, yet not brag about it. I guess they'd never forgive me. I barely forgive myself now! The only nice thing about it is, I didn't really need to see the first one ... did I? At least, to understand the story.
The ecological angle! Maybe that was it. Also, because I know Don Payne is a Simpsons alum, and I did like My Super Ex-Girlfriend, but what happened here, Don? Too much tradition in the Fantastic Four history books to be loyal to? Anyway, the Four have to save the world from a new character: The T-1000! I mean, The Silver Surfer! Ah, yes. Another reason I wanted to see it! Well, it's nice to see that the T-1000 has finally grown up and stopped knifing people to death.
Maybe I need to watch it again, I don't know. What's that quote about the humdrum of constant excitement? Films are too perfect these days. Or maybe I've grown up... nah, that can't be it. Maybe I've used up all my potent childhood memories in the film department. As George Lucas has noticed, the young peoples like the new Star Wars trilogy. Even he's confused about the youth's reaction to that new Indiana Jones. I like the opening music! That was pretty good! And I grew to appreciate Jessica Alba's acting! Some of her vocal inflections made me cringe, I must confess, but hey. We're all knee deep in bad acting these days, right? Between the football stars and the reality shows, there's nowhere to turn anymore! I probably shouldn't badmouth this one anymore; there's no FF3 on the horizon, so that's badmouth enough.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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