Friday, January 14, 2011

High Stakes Poker: The Motion Picture

Now, I don't know much about poker, I'll give you that, but I do know my cult movies pretty well, and I've heard Rounders is one. Boy! What was it about 1998 and cult movies? The Big Lebowski, this, Blues Brothers 2000... hmm. That last one sounds a little fishy. Let me just explore this connection a little further; indulge me, if you will, as we go to the IMDb Top 250 once again. Let's see: American History X... think I've seen about enough of that one. Saving Private Ryan: check. Lock, Stock... check. The Celebration: check. Truman Show: check. Yeah, 1998 was a pretty damn good year for movies, cult or otherwise. But back to the instant case.
Now, I'm afraid I must bust the chops of one prominent critic a little bit. He knows I love him, though. I used to go to his page all the time, usually on Fridays when all the new movies come out. But now, like most people, there's only three places on the web I ever go anymore: my email, my own blog, and Facebook. But he didn't like Rounders because it glorifies gambling. I think he kinda missed the point: the fact is, Rounders has its cake and eats it, too! But in a good way. See, Matt Damon is the White Gambler... okay, bad choice of words. I apologize. Which is more than most can do. Okay, Damon's the good gambler, and Norton's the bad gambler. Norton is the finest actor of his generation, and he pulls it off here! Damon eventually has to... well, I hate to show my hand and spoil it completely. But if you are susceptible to such things in your life, you might want to drop it all like Damon does in the movie, go to Vegas and chase your dream. Not me, though. He DOES end up losing the girl, mind you, so he's able to head off to Vegas unencumbered. It's just his life he may end up ruining. Still, he is a pretty damn good player!
I think it was on this movie where Norton and Rispoli became fast friends. They did Death to Smoochy together, for Gawd's sake! If that's not an experience for bonding, nothing is! Okay, I gotta go. I need to get on Facebook for my Zynga Poker fix...

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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