Sunday, January 09, 2011

Retribution has come... to the BOX OFFICE!!!!!!

It's a Coen-kinda box office again! Still, there's no beating that first one which happened with Burn After Reading and, to a lesser extent, with The Ladykillers (#2 in March 2004). This is really either going to help their careers, or doom it to failure. Then again, does anyone remember the ad Bob Dylan did for Victoria's Secret? Just saying. I will admit that the lettering of the True Grit poster makes it look like a Burger King print ad. Even with the hand at the top of the poster; BK's done visual flourishes like that! Oh, nothing's original anymore. We just gotta go even more retro now: how about posters that look like stuff drawn circa 1066 with weird-looking crowds all mashed together, and one dude pointing to a shooting star?
Of course, this all could change at a moment's notice. Nothing gets more contentious than the box office recount. Who knows? Maybe $1.2 million worth of tickets to Little Fockers will mysteriously surface. DeNiro could make it happen. He'd have to buy them all himself, but he could afford that... couldn't he? Oh dear, Season of the Witch wormed its way in between the cozy three, bumping Tron: Legacy to #4. Will things ever be the same? The only other debut this week is Country Strong, a Nicholas Sparks-esque drama based on a country western star coming to terms with her mid-life crisis. Maybe Logan's Run wasn't so crazy after all! But Generation X is not ready yet to loose the reins of power. More for me, more for me! Frankly, debuting at #6 on a rather lean box office week as this doesn't bode well for the state of the nation. Whatsamatta, red states? 'Fraid to pony up the cash to make a strong impression? You did it for Ernest! I guess it's because Gwyneth Paltrow hasn't assimilated long enough yet. She's a damn carpetbagger compared to who they coulda had in the movie. And we all know the Leighton Meester role is supposed to be Justin Bieber... isn't it? Taylor Cyrus? Oh, I'm so out of touch...

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