Sunday, January 30, 2011

Auteur Watch - Kate and Derek Burbidge

Even though I just found their names a little past the nick of time in terms of my alphabetized auteur list, don't the Burbidges' deserve honorable mention here? I mean, those The Police videos! Now, I know what you're thinking: oh yeah! Synchronicity II, Every Breath You Take, Wrapped Around Your Finger: these are classic, iconic back-in-the-day videos that will live forever! Uh, no, they didn't do those ones. They did the three videos for Ghost in the Machine that feature footage of the boys in the recording studio... that's right, the lame ones. And give them some credit! For God's sake, they also shot similar footage for One World and Demolition Man! And yet, Grace Jones gets all the credit for that last one. Go figure. This was back when the thrill of TV wasn't totally gone, and us young punk kids were just happy to catch a glimpse of our favorite rock bands walking around a subway car with glasses and walkie-talkies.
They also did Urgh!, which is good, but it's no Anvil! or Hype!, that's for sure.

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