Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Year of the Portman

Now normally this kind of thing would ruin an actress' chances at Oscar gold... but is that necessarily true? Oh dear. I must be getting older. I confess I haven't researched that per se. Maybe Marisa Tomei's career is comparable. Perhaps we should look to the 2001-2002 season and Halle Berry with her two films Monster's Ball and Swordfish. Does not Natalie Portman find herself in a similar dilemma? I wouldn't know, as I haven't seen either Black Swan or No Strings Attached. But there's no doubt about it, the 80s are back, and the top flight directors of the 80s, Ivan Reitman and Ron Howard are back and hungry to stake a claim in the instantly forgettable but highly profitable rom-com market. Reitman's NSA is the ONLY DEBUT this week! Meanwhile, the Oscar race continues to get contentious: The King's Speech is making so much money, there's no way it doesn't get Best Picture this year! Black Swan's doing pretty well too, for that matter! True Grit just turned a profit at $140 million in the bank. Yogi Bear for Best Animated Feature? I think so... oh, sure, it'll lose to Toy Story 3, of course, but it should at least be nominated, if only for Justin Timberlake.

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