Sunday, January 16, 2011

Down With The Traitors of the Woman Haters Club!!!!

Having cast off the yoke of Ted Healy, the Stooges strike out on their own! Three idiots without a place to call home, but they don't have to go far to find their ilk. First stop: an organization called the "Woman Haters." Well, comparatively speaking, I suppose there are worse misogynists out there. Everybody complains about stuff being too expensive, that's nothing new. Nevertheless, the boys get initiated into the club, and soon-to-be Stooges foil and Lou Dobbs' grandfather Bud Jamison gives them their superpowers by poking them in the eyes. It's part of the initiation into the Woman Haters club; at least, that's how it was originally intended, but they couldn't keep karate under wraps forever either! Every ritual has a destiny of its own. Thinking he was assaulted by Curly, Moe unleashes some serious slapping on the boys. The one administered at about 2:43 in the proceedings is especially nasty. I don't think he ever slapped Curly in a figure 8 motion since, but I could be wrong about that. But we'll find out together in the coming weeks!
And so the boys strike out into an unsuspecting world, armed with their new-fangled memberships in the Woman Haters club. As if that wasn't enough, they have to take ANOTHER oath of chastity, brought about by Larry's fall from the Woman Haters club graces. He's supposed to get married at the same time he's supposed to go off and peddle some wares... something like that. Needless to say, it's a fine setup for a comedy. Did I forget to mention that this was a musical as well? I think it's the only one the boys did. At least, a full on musical. Who can forget the phonetics of Violent is the Word for Curly? I kinda wish I could.
Anyway, to cut to the chase, each of the boys fall for Larry's wife, singing her the same song.... damn. Wikipedia's got everything. See, what's funny is that they can't whistle at the part that calls for a whistle... until the end, when they return to the 30th meeting of the Woman Haters club, having aged horribly. That is to say, their make-up looked pretty good! Curly's got mutton chops, Larry's got a long beard, and Moe looks old, too. Monte Collins' wig looked pretty bad. For me, his best role has got to be in Cactus Makes Perfect as the Three Stooges' mother; I hate to say he was born to play the role, but this could very well be the case! Second only to one of the boys themselves as the Stooges' mother. I hate to say it, but I don't know why it's taken me so long to get back to Woman Haters. I was resisting it, not being a particular fan of musicals. Except Gypsy, of course. Gotta like that Christmas tree outfit. No, I waited far too long. God bless you, YouTube! Here's to the finest website in the whole United States! Also, it was worth it if only for Bud Jamison's great line: "Now boys, relax. I said, relax! Now please! At ease! Relax! RELAX!!!!" A fine first Stooge film.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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