Sunday, June 05, 2011

Auteur Watch - Randy and Perry Howze

Hey! Remember the 80s? It's that decade so lovingly eulogized in Bowling for Soup's anthemic, iconic, epic classic '1985'. Me, I can't stand that song. Of course, people seem to forget. As a character in every David Mamet play or movie says, "Things change." The 80s were going along just fine, until he came along: I'm talking about... what's that guy's name? Bruce Hornsby and the Range! Where's the loud guitar? The big hair? Nothing! The yuppies have taken over MTV. Punk rock went un-corporate, and the Sally Cruikshank visual ethic took over: lots of neon and jagged lines. Am I overusing that? Probably. I'm going to wait for a comment from Sally saying either "Stop it" or "Abercrombie and Fitch handbags for half off."
But the Me Decade turned out all right for most people. Howze about you? Apparently Randy and Perry loved the 80s so much, they refused to work in any other decade. Well, after you have a film like Mystic Pizza, it's time to go back to the monastery. People just want to hear the stories of the likes of Martin Scorsese, that they LEFT the monastery to work in film. People can be so very, very cruel. Reminds me: what Stooge film are we doing this week?

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