Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cars are cars, all over the world

Oh, I'm just being lazy now, but I don't know where my copy of License to Drive is. The right image from that, and you've got the themes of the top 2 this week: cars and teachers. As per usual, the latest Pixar venture cleans the box office's clock. The REAL surprise is Bad Teacher at #2! Making 31 million dollars in its opening week, it surely must've covered its budget. As filmmakers are learning these days, damn the critics. Full speed ahead. The era of iconic film criticism is long, long gone. What would Pauline Kael make of all our modern inconveniences? Cell phones and blackberries and guys patrolling the theater with glowing red light sabers, oh my! Don't they understand... the more the critics hate, the more the young people want to see Justin Timberlake in... whatever. As Boo-Boo, as the Napster guy, and as Cameron Diaz's comic foil. A-Rod can't be everywhere all the time, you know!
Well, that's it for the debuts this week. Hangover 2's almost at 300 million; might take a while, though. And we haven't seen a one-weeker in a long time! It's going to be a short list come the end of the year.

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