Sunday, June 19, 2011

Caption Contest Time?

...on second thought, maybe not. Too obvious.
You know, maybe it's just me, but what kind of a superpower is operating a Gatling gun? A five year old child with an itchy trigger finger could do that! (arguably, they'd probably need a tripod to hold said gun) What makes The Green Lantern so special? ...boy, but I must just be hanging a bulls-eye around my neck on that one. I guess Iron Man is about as weaponized, but we never see him standing there holding a Gatling gun like that. I guess I'm thinking about what the Blue Raja said, that he's not Stab Man or Knifey Boy, which is why he uses forks and spoons instead of knives. Is that racist of me? Probably. Still, to me, a superhero's more than just a soldier, and I guess Green Lantern's more than just Superman with a Gatling gun... or maybe I'm just pre-judging again. I know the Onion rated it low, but Ebert didn't hate it that much.
Anyway, the other debut this week is Mr. Popper's Penguins. Let me just say this about that... that being its weak debut at #3: What's up with that, America? Either you're with the penguins, or you're with the terrorists... oh, right. Dubya's out of office now. Still, Sean Hannity, our troops are overseas. Why are you concerned now about the debt? Why are you questioning the authority of our Commander in Chief? More to the point, why are you questioning at all? What are you, a journalist?
Damn! Just lost half my audience. Again.

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