Sunday, June 05, 2011


Well, surprise surprise, the film that spends $100 million on TV advertising is #1 at the box office this weekend. What I want to know is: who's the lingerie model third from the left? Is that her superpower or is she just pandering to the picky fanboy audience? Just keep in mind what they did to Britney Spears, now! Fanboys have standards too. Sorry, Elisabeth Shue, but I guess you're too old for the part. Besides, it's what you make of the roles! See Meryl Streep in ... what was the name of that thing. One True Thing? Playing a mother with cancer: Oscar gold. As for director Matthew Vaughn, well, the poor guy. Not a moment to spare to enjoy life. He's already hard at work on Kick Ass part 2. I won't guess on the plot details, but they are going to have to fill in the roster of characters, seeing as how many died in the first one. What, too good to give Neil Gaiman another chance? You'll be sorry! He's this century's Clive Barker! He's going to be bigger than ... Dainelle Steel? Heather Graham? Michael Crichton? Oh, right, he's dead... but the books live on for what seems like forever. Just the one new movie this week, so I'm done! Yay!

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