Monday, June 20, 2011

Auteur Watch - Warrington and Reginald Hudlin

Sorry, but I had to read about Amy Winehouse's "disastrous" concert in Serbia. What a world we live in! Why are people such haters? Don't they get it? This is what you must do these days to get headlines. Besides, her daddy thought it went fine!
But back to the business at hand with this damn blog. You know, the Coens... Joel and Ethan; there may be others in Hollywood but not to me... the Coens eventually came out of the closet and admitted in their title cards that they both direct. The Hudlins have yet to follow suit. Apparently they did co-direct Cosmic Slop. You know, I'll bet there's an interesting story behind that title. But I get ahead of myself again. It all started with a little something called House Party. It was born as a short film, which is usually how the next Pixar or Pixar clone starts out in the mind of America's next Cal-Arts genius grad. But House Party took its time, learning to walk, buying its first ice cream from the local vendor... sigh. I can't remember the last time that little jeep came down our block, playing my song. Oh, well. It's not the 50s anymore, and America's not flush with cash, or burning oil with reckless abandon. The point is, man, did House Party do well! Now, arguably, Kid 'n Play would've done great in any film, really, but you gotta give mad props to the inaugural HP. And all those sequels! Hopefully the Hudlins got a piece of those. This is probably just an ugly rumour, but I heard they were going to make House Party 6 and The Gods Must Be Crazy 6 as one film and call it a day.
But the Hudlins... God bless 'em. After the success of House Party, they wanted to prove to themselves and the world that, while they weren't artists afraid to make money, as the old saw goes, they were serious directors now. And serious directors don't do House Party 2. But someday Doug McHenry will get the credit he deserves: the black Donald Petrie. The Hudlins decided to do Boomerang next. What they learned, and this took me a while to learn myself, is that there are two Eddie Murphys: the funny Eddie Murphy, and the cool Eddie Murphy. They worked with the cool Eddie Murphy on this one. After finishing Boomerang, and questioning why they got into this business in the first place, and if it's not too late to start over again, the Hudlins decided to take it slow and do a little something called Cosmic Slop. You know, I'll bet.... oh, right.
Clearly the 1990s were their favorite decade. International stardom, Spike Lee constantly telling them that he opened the door for them, eager young film students asking how to break into the biz. Yeah, the 90s were a great decade for film. Then came the 2000s, and all quarters suffered worldwide. After The Ladies Man and Serving Sara, it was time to do like some gods of film do: move discreetly from the silver screen to the boob tube. Reginald has yet to find a show he really clicks with, but what the hell. Variety is the spice of life! As for Warrington, well... incidentally, how do you shorten Warrington? Warren? Reginald becomes Reggie, but.. anyway, Warrington has yet to find a project to do with Reginald, but hopefully they'll bury the hatchet and find something. Something better than Iron Ring. I mean, for God's sake! This is the kind of the thing the Simpsons makes fun of now. And they're over 20 years old!!! I gotta go.

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