Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm so Super 8, you so Super Late!!!

From producer Steven Spielberg and whiz-kid director J. J. Abrams comes... a Steven Spielberg film! Finally, a show of respect! Why deny it? The man's a genius. Both of 'em. Meanwhile, Julia Phillips is in Hell right now having tea and scones with the devil, longing for the simpler days of Steelyard Blues. Unfortunately for all parties involved, Super 8's take could've been better. But perhaps, like me, eager moviegoers saw the budget information on Super 8 and thought "Only 45 million? Maybe I'll just wait til the second week."
And it just gets worse. Not only did Super 8 not take in as much as expected, but it left the door open for another debut to squeak in. In this case, it's the kid-friendly... whatever the hell it is. Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer. Take that, Judy Blume! The latest precocious kid with the hot catch phrase: Super-mega-totally-thrill-adelic. If I were Disney, I'd sue. This is blatant catch-phrase encroachment, plain and simple.
And that's it for another super duper box office week! Woody Allen's still in the game! Oh, this is going to play games with his ego. Maybe he can remake Hollywood Ending, or do a sequel to it....
...Bob Dorian! That's the guy who used to host on AMC! At least, until the catalog of American Movie Classics went to Turner Classic Movies, and AMC started showing American movie "classics" like the Friday the 13th with Crispin Glover. What an age we live in.

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