Friday, March 28, 2014

Auteur Watch - James Bond III

Def by Temptation!  Need more be said?  ...see, it was the 1990s.  There was a Bush in the White House, and rioting in America's streets... okay, mostly on the coasts.  You young people have no idea what it was like... oh, right.  The point is, not all who toil under Spike Lee are lost.  But Def was Bond III's big break.  After it came out, he had dinner with Spike one night.  They went into the alley and... an epic sword fight broke out.  "There can be only one," Spike told James.  Fortunately for Bond, Samuel L. Jackson saved his sorry ass that day, but on one condition: never call him again.  And never call he did.  But Bond III's got the last laugh now!  He's got a project in the works called Transit.  He's not directing it, so he doesn't get the lead role.  Ain't show biz a bitch?

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