Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Shempnet (4 films remain)

I've only heard rumours of this one: a Stooge film where Larry does a parody of that sledgehammer logo for... whatever.  Dragnet?  Anyway, Blunder Boys is the last Stooge film to feature all-new footage, and... I LOVE IT!!!  It's got everything.  Moe gets a chance to act, Larry hams it up where he can, and Shemp brings it as usual.  But don't worry; for those of you sadists out there in the audience who like to watch dreams get crushed, that happens here.
The plot?  I suppose I should mention it.  With the threat of television ever-advancing, and the Stooges not yet dominating it with their body of work, it's time for a TV show parody, so why not Dragnet?  A show ripe for satire if there ever was one.  We'll leave the classic 1987 movie version aside for now, probably forever.  It's the classic three-act structure: 1) we see the Stooges at war, either Korea or WWII, 2) we see the Stooges at detective school, and 3) we see the Stooges on their first big case.  SPOILER ALERT: Needles to say, the punishment for not solving a crime is a bit steep, but maybe it's just the motivation that cops these days should have!
Even the Stooges aim for the stars.  At the start, we hear a police siren.  Moe says "That's a police car.  Half the time it's our home and our office."  Take that, James Ellroy!  Also, the fetching "Alma Matter" tells the Stooges, "When placing handcuffs on a criminal, it must be done quickly!"  See?  These Stooge shorts are occasionally edja-ma-cational!  Go figure.  Another spoiler: Now, I've been watching these Stooge shorts for years, but this is the first time I've heard Moe refer to an 81-C.  But ever the professionals, Shemp and Larry act like they've been doing this maneuver for years.  Basically, it involves Moe sticking both sets of eye-poking fingers out, and the other two have to run into them as hard as they can.  Well, not too hard, these days; Moe's getting on in years.  I thought for sure that Moe would say afterwards "Anyone see?" but no dice.  Oh well.  Otherwise, this one's a classic.  Comedy names?  Check.  Comedy wallets?  Check.  Ooh!  I think I forgot to mention this earlier.  This is the second time I've noticed this happening: the opening "Three Blind Mice" theme's a little bit funky at 0:18.  Anyway, aren't some things better when they're not perfect?

Good double bill with: The Unmentionables

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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