Friday, March 28, 2014

Paranoia, Paranoia, Everybody's Comin' to Get Me................ (1 film remains... after this one)

I can't even remember what that's a reference to; just that it somehow fits here for our next Stooge flick, Flagpole Jitters, a reworking of 1949's Hokus Pokus.  Personally, when it comes to the Stooges hanging off a flagpole, I prefer those ones where Curly or Shemp plays their own father and... phooey!  Are you telling me I actually have to look that up now?
(several minutes later...) FOUND IT!!! 3 Dumb Clucks which begat Up in Daisy's Penthouse.  Both involve one of the Stooges playing their own fathers, both ending with a flagpole, and both NOT NEEDING TO POINT THAT OUT IN THE TITLE!!!!  Just sayin'... But Larry gets an alpha moment here, and a high point here.  It's bad enough when they're making breakfast for themselves or someone else, but somehow they cross a line here making breakfast for someone actually depending on them!  Sure, she's faking being injured and all, but still... Ooh!  That looks like new footage!  And here's some more!  Notice how the Stooges are by themselves in the scene, and they look older and puffier...
There's also a lot of dubbing of new lines.  Take here, for instance, where they enter the lobby to put up some posters.  Now I hate to keep bringing current events into these things, but why does this part remind me of Chris Christie?  Actually, Christie could learn a thing or two from Moe!
Alas, this isn't a good one.  I mean, Hokus Pokus was no great shakes, so why remake it?  I guess even the Stooges like a challenge once in a while.  But there's even an art to the remake.  Fer instance, they don't do Moe's "I am now in Sing Sing" scene justice!  It's snipped just a little too much.  And I'm sure this David Bond's a nice fella and all, but clearly the role of Svengarlic was clearly meant for Philip van Zandt.  Strike two.  Also, there's no way that this works.  Major plot device.  Strike Three.  You're out.  Still, there's no reason one of these Facebook pages devoted to bodybuilding can use that section in an Instagram, saying "Even Moe and Larry were bodybuilders.  WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE?!!!"


There is one, of sorts.  Whereas Hokus Pokus has a Curb Your Enthusiasm-type sense of closure, SPOILER ALERT... this one doesn't.  I'll leave it at that.  Once again, the Stooges catch the hastily introduced bad guys and get a big fat reward.  God bless the criminals and the large bounties upon their heads!  But as they go to celebrate and set up a charitable foundation for their proverbial Mary, Shemp runs afoul of a board hanging from the ceiling.  Angered, Shemp pulls the board down from the ceiling.  The trio gets hit by a load-bearing beam.  Moe angrily curses the Gods.  The Gods send down a shower of wood-based debris.  There's a lesson here somewhere, and I think it's... Dance!  Dance!!!

Wikipedia entry for Flagpole Jitters... they literally have EVERYTHING!!!!!

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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