Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Speeding Bad

Ouch!  After ALL that TV bombardment with ads and God knows where else... to the triumphant debut of post-Breaking Bad Aaron Paul, America says "Meh."  They'd rather take the kids to the Peabody and Sherman movie, and to a lesser extent, the 300 sequel.  We've no need for your modern contrivances like the new Tesla featured in Need for Speed... it is a Tesla, isn't it?  Well, it should of been.  And on top of it, Need for Speed let in a bunch of other debuts this week, clearly not crushing the competition like some.  There's The Single Moms Club... geez!  How many of these clubs are there?  I'm getting beat over the head!  Then there's The Grand Budapest Hotel and, like all of Wes Anderson's movies, it's a bit remote and laden with inappropriate sex jokes.  And yet, Kevin Smith gets all of the credit for inappropriate sex jokes.  Finally, it's that Veronica Mars movie.  Sorry, Kristen Bell, better stick with the day job.  I presume you have one.

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