Thursday, March 20, 2014


Not too hard to predict, was it?  The non-stop ad bombardment, that cute teenage girl from The Descendants... why wouldn't it be a hit?  The next installment of The Hunger Games was #1 this weekend and posted numbers that were good, but the studio wished were higher.  In sloppy second place is the latest Muppets movie, making more than $10 million.  See, if Divergent were a real blockbuster, the Muppets' latest movie would make less than 10.  And the last debut this week, well... God may not be dead, but he's apparently box office poison, as God's Not Dead comes in at #5 with 8.6 million.  Meanwhile... what happened to Son of God?  I guess it died, but hung in there for three weeks.  Maybe it's overdue for a resurrection.
In depressing news, Need for Speed drops from third place to sixth.  America does need speed; the whole world knows that, but apparently we're still picky about it.  Maybe they should've called the movie Fast and Furious 6.5 or something.  Too depressing.  This is why I tend to focus on the debuts.  Meanwhile, The Grand Budapest Hotel rises from eighth place to seventh, yet somehow made less money than last week.  That's Wes Anderson for you!  Always beating the odds.

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