Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Auteur Watch - Amy Holden Jones

Finally! This one should be easy. After all, it doesn't take principal components analysis to see that Amy Holden Jones is the wife of Hollywood camera royalty. Still, she's no slouch in her own right. Editor, writer, director, she's more than three careers in one! For her, like most of us, the 80s was like two different decades. The first half was a bit grungier, but as Mystic Pizza drew closer and closer, it became a more refined Me Decade. And then, the Beethoven series hit. For some reason, Hollywood won't let her write a project by herself. And then, she must've a-holed her way out of the biz on The Rich Man's Wife. This was it: the project of her life. Loosely autobiographical, this was her big chance to really push her crew around. See the look on Halle Berry's face? Oh, she's so gone to Carolina in her Mind, girlfriend! But as long as Chappy's getting work, Amy (Holden) Jones will always make a beautiful dollar in this bizness, as a great man once said.

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