Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Auteur Watch - Bronwen Hughes

Ah yes, the girl who tango'd with Spielberg in the editing room over Forces of Nature and lived to tell the tale... more or less. She's a tough-as-nails director with press-on fingernails carved out of pure diamond. So don't let her scratch your face! Or at least tell the coroner to check under the nails... something like that. Never mind. In this photo, Bronwen is posing either with Liv Tyler or Jenna Elfman; whoever she is, she's obviously playing the lead in The Bronwen Hughes Story, yet to be made. Details on Bronwen are hard to come by. Well, she is a lady in the traditional sense, and she's not telling her birthday, bitch! Let alone WHERE she's from: I'm thinking Canada seeing as how she got her start with The Kids in the Hall. So which decade is her favourite? Is it the go-go 90s? Nirvana, Deee-Lite and organic food? She was younger then and hungry, a director on the go, even though she was stuck with the ickiness that was Kids in the Hall... when I get famous, NO MORE COMEDIANS! EVER!!! It was a bit of a bi-polar decade: KITH at the start, movie stars and Amy Grant towards the end.
Or was it the 2000s? The decade of Dubya? Nah, couldn't be. All that TV work? Boo! Well, that's her penance after Stander, apparently. Starsky & Hutch in South Africa, why not? No, if actual feedback from actual directors has taught me anything, it's the current decade that's their hands-on favourite. And Bronwen's heading back to the silver screen with The Journey is the Destination. Probably won't be in 3D, though. Sounds like it should be, or maybe not. Yes, Bronwen's heading to the directorial promised land with this new-age-y sounding deep spiritual stuff. Eat Drink Man Woman. Eat Pray Love. Everything Is Illuminated. How Stella Got Her Groove Back... does that one count? Oh wait, I know. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. In whose mighty company B.H. goes to join. Stand back and watch, bitches! I gotta go, it's dinner time...

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