Sunday, August 01, 2010

Greetings from Saskatchewan

Awright! Time to do some remote blogging today. The only drawback is I have no access to images here... at least, not like at home. Plus I've only got 10 minutes to post something. Come to think of it, it's all drawbacks. But hey! So far no one seems to have hacked my account... !@!$@^#%^@#!$#^%@vgsa89hgfg
where was I? Well, surprise surprise, Dinner for Schmucks doesn't take top spot from Inception, and Inception is STILL at #3 on the IMDb top 250. Well, that's what happens when cast and crew are allowed to vote. Same thing with the Lord of the Rings movies and Fat Slags. But don't feel sorry for Francis Veber or Steve Carell, for that matter. Steve's still got Despicable Me at #4, and Veber gave us Three Fugitives... sorry, Martin Short, but it's true. Not all your stuff is re-watchable, and the stuff that is, like Primetime Glick, isn't even on DVD! Also debuting this week: Yawn St. Boring and Cats 'n Dogs 2: The Search for a Good Title. Speaking of Kitty Galore, I was in the pawn shop recently and saw this documentary about the Bond Girls, and it was called Bond Girls are Forever. And I couldn't help but think to myself, well, no, they're kinda not. I mean, if no one likes what's her face from A View to a Kill, for God's sake. And Halle Berry's prominently featured on the DVD cover, sort of, but she's more her own entity anyway. She was Catwoman, remember?
What else? Twilight 3's almost made $300 million dollars... something depressing about that. And The Sorcerer's Apprentice is almost gone at #9 with 51.5 million in the bank. Oh, Nicolas Cage's gonna need a lot more than that to gain fiscal solvency again. Welp, better hit the road. I'm waking people up in the comptuer lab who are trying to sleep. How rude!

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