Sunday, August 08, 2010

Hey! Remember the '80s?

Well, I sure do, but it's only because it's the decade of my adolescence, as they say. Must be for a lot of other people, too, most of whom got to see The Other Guys this weekend. I just wish it were in 3D! Meanwhile, the budget of Inception's just dropped from 200 million to the slightly more fiscally responsible 160 million. Wild Wild West's holding steady at 170 million, and the economists over at HBO figure that if they show it on HBO Family enough, it'll finally start showing a profit around the year 2213. Earlier than I thought! The other debuts this week are Step Up 3D, which, I don't see why this has to be in 3D... oh, this must be the reason. Worth the price of admission, right, ladies? The pheromones are coming out of the celluloid, for Gawd's sake! Step down, Skywalker, you just got served. The other debut of sorts this week is The Who documentary The Kids Are Alright. Everything old is new again, dontcha think?... I've just been informed that it is in fact a movie called The Kids Are All Right. Damn! So much for my quick getaway. Sorry, Annette and Julianne, there's only room for one Best Actress nod betwixt the two of you. I hope Annette gets it, then you two will be even! Tee hee hee...

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