Sunday, August 08, 2010

Auteur Watch - Bonnie Hunt

No, that's not Jennifer Jason Leigh, but she also is a director. No! It's Bonnie Hunt and, according to the IMDb, she's at least a quadruple threat: actress, writer, producer and director. Dang! She directed HERSELF in Return to Me. What was that like, I wonder? Surely the 80s were her favorite decade? Mohawks and MTV? Just after All That Jazz? I doubt it. Just being the sassy waitress in Rain Man was great and all, don't get her wrong, but she's got so much more love to give. The 90s were probably a blur, but she did reunite with Rain Man co-star Tom Cruise briefly for that damn Jerry Maguire. Bonnie wouldn't be complete, though, until she replaced all those bozoes who sat in the director's chair before her. Yes, it's the 2000s that are best. Films! Her own TV show! She directed it all. Or maybe the 2010s are best: can't beat that sweet, sweet syndication money! Or so I hear.

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