Sunday, August 29, 2010

Auteur Watch - Lisa Krueger

Stop it, horror fans! The world is NOT your word association game! We're profiling Lisa, not Freddy! Travelling the little-travelled path to directing from script supervising... hmm! Who else has done that recently? THAT's the one! But it's not back to the day job for our girl, the instant case. No, she's come too far and step'd on too many toes for that. I'd have to say that the crucible of the 80s was her decade. She was young and hot, and turning away four-eyed nerds left and right, especially those ones with the masking tape on their glasses. Dayamn, how low-budge can you get? Now, don't get me wrong, she liked working for Jim Jarmusch as much as the next guy, but after Mystery Train, her patience was tested for the last time. Hell, even I can do that! said Lisa, and so she did. And while Best Offer could've been better, for the rest of her life she'll be drinking in a bar somewhere, telling stories about how she knew ScarJo way back when; hell! I friggin' discovered her! She was the Manny of Manny & Lo, for Gawd's sake! Oh, this kid's going to be the next Shelley Duvall! No doubt about it, said Lisa at the editing deck with the razors and the film glue. That's the way it was done back then. Actually, Arne Glimcher... gezundheit! discovered ScarJo. Okay, technically, Rob Reiner with North discovered her, but is no one going to give Glimcher credit for anything? The Krueger trail seems to run cold with 2000's Committed, or the answer to the question: how do you screw up a film with Felicity Shagwell in it? Oh, baby, you do NOT want to know the answer...

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