Friday, March 17, 2006

Audience Reaction at Carlos Mencia concert

I tell ya, that woman doesn't seem too thrilled about the proceedings, but it was brave of them to show all points of view. It occurred to me that we should get Carlos Mencia (Ned Holness?? Guess that sorta explains the NED LOS vanity logo) and Charles S. Dutton, and Tom Arnold and, who else, let's say Margaret Cho, get them in a ring together, hold a fund-raiser and call it the "Celebrity Deathmatch to End Racism". And if Carlos doesn't like that one, tough luck, because I paid Bruce Vilanch top dollar for it, so screw you!
What else? Anyway, on to movie news. The onslaught of new movies continues relentlessly, unrelenting. If I remember correctly, Jodie Foster once snubbed Cannes because she was working on Panic Room, but mostly because she got on the Freedom Fries bandwagon bigtime, but she's back, baby! Even more back than Flightplan, and the movie's title is ... Contact 2: Interstellar Boogaloo! No, it's the new action flick with Denzel called (The) Inside Man. Oy, Spike Lee's latest, here we go. When was the last time he had a #1 hit? Even he's not keeping track anymore. I'm still waiting for Crooklyn 2: Electric Crook-a-loo. The movie will be one long in-yo-face shouting match in blazing digital video, bitch! The companion piece that we've been waiting for all these years.
Meanwhile, a new ad campaign is on the horizon. Perhaps you saw it on Yahoo, and it's called V for Vendetta. Apparently, according to my sources, Sue Grafton had nothing to do with it. Of course, I'm still steamed about Lolly Madonna XXX. What a ripoff! I can think of at least three things wrong with that title! But back to the film at hand... the Wachowskis? Are you kidding me? I guess they got out of the directing game already. Must be training the next generation of directors. Which one of them's a chick now? Anyway, this is McT's big chance. All those years of grunt work have finally paid off, and now the pressure's totally on you, boi-ee! I notice the tag line of the film is "remember, remember the 5th of November." Unfortunately, the re-tooling of the pic delayed that, so now it's something less threatening. I mean "You just haven't seen the likes of March 17" just doesn't play as well.
One last movie to get to. On the heels of the 50th Anniversary of 12 Angry Men we have Sidney Lumet's latest courtroom saga, Find me Guilty. Well, it may be better than ... what was that 2003 Vin Diesel project again? A Man Apart, something like that. 2005 gave us The Pacifier; I knew there was something for 2005. The point is, the jury system just doesn't work. Movies have proved that for years now. All those involved in this one, however, might have to look past this one and look ahead. Whistle for Lumet, Hannibal for Diesel. Maybe they'll go toe to toe the same week!
Okay, enough of that. Bedtime for me now. 'night, mother!

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