Thursday, March 02, 2006

Oscars, pt. 3

I abbreviated the title of this entry... let's see who notices. So far, no one. Sigh.
Madea's Family Reunion? Are you kidding me? How? Who? Where?? Martin Lawrence, take note. The bell tolls for thee. And it took you six years to do your little sequel...
So where indeed were we? We left off at makeup, which brings us to a couple of nerd awards. Visual Effects, hard to say. It'll be interesting to see if Oscar has a favourite, indeed SO favorite that they're included in the show proper, like a dinosaur head in (or out of) Jurassic Park, or Jamie Lee Curtis dropping from the ceiling to commemorate True Lies. Ah, memories. It's the same old guard in terms of who's nominated, although the WETA crew is still kinda new. (WETA behind'a the ears'a??? never mind..) I think they did some of Narnia, so they got two covered. Since Narnia's the fresh face, so to speak, Oscar may go with ... that.
Sound Editing? I hope War of the Worlds gets something, but sometimes Oscar's love for a two-time winner trumps all, so that means King Kong. Damn you, Van der Ryn! Maybe Tom Cruise will win for Best Extra-Curricular Ad Campaign.
Best Editing, that's a tough call. Typically, it goes to the longest film. I mean, editing is tough enough as it is, but on a long movie? Chile, fo'getabouttit! The Aviator won in 2004 (long movie), LOTR: ROTK in 2003 (long movie, longer title!!) ...hmm! Chicago? Not the longest of the crop! Maybe it just seemed really long. Which of course is worthy of an award for that reason as well. As for this year's crop, well, each has a great case for and against, but again I'm going to have to say Cinderella Man's going to wear that Golden Slipper too! Oscar loves that movie, even if no one else does.
Best Sound: it has to be intrinsic to the plot, which right away rules out the special F/X pics, so we've got Geisha and WTL. While no one's disputing that Geisha should win for Best Poster, what's so hard about doing the sound of hearing a pin drop? Oscar's going to reach across the aisle and knock on the trailer door... that's right, an ACTUAL trailer door that's used 24 hours a day instead of just for the application of makeup, and go with Walk the Line. I mean, a full length music video? Whoever thought of that?
I'm sorry, the speeches are running over so the blog's a little longer than usual, but let me close with a little something from a bonafide Oscar winner, Robert Zemeckis, who's finally achieved that exalted place that all artists hope to get to: so far removed from their audience that they don't know what makes a good movie anymore. I think he might have an appreciation for this still frame, as it doesn't actually appear this way in the movie, but since he doesn't watch the old stuff he'll never know anyway, right? :)

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