Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Gittin 'R Done at the Box Office

It's finally arrived. Larry the Cable Guy's big movie. And I can't believe it! John Cherry's NOT directing? What a slap in the face! There's no one more qualified than him. I did hear that Bruce Vilanch ghost-wrote the movie, though. Strange rumours out there.
Anyway, let's take the usual quickie glance at the Box Office. What an anemic week. However, it's the only time that two colors made the top ten in my recent memory: Ultraviolet and Aquamarine. Bitchin'! The Pink Panther has the biggest cumulative total of the top ten, a paltry 74 million in chump change, followed by Eight Below with 66. Boy, am I not up on my movie demographics! Between those two, I just don't know what to think.
Nice to see that Richard Donner can still crack the top 5 at least. Here's a toast to hoping he gets back into the A-List projects like Superman and Lethal Weapon, er... The Omen.
And finally, who can forget the big push for Failure to Launch. Another testament to the power of, well, just a total bombardment of advertising. News shows, newspapers, novelizations available at airport gift shops, exclusive cast interviews on your blackberry, what have you. Well, it was worth every million spent, because it paid off big time. 24 million, baby! An opening for the March record books, no question.
Well, that's it for me. Way way past my bedtime, but I did catch a little of Clueless on Comedy Central. Ah, the good old days when Alicia Silverstone was the star, and Paul Rudd and Brittany Murphy were but Rising Stars to Be. Oh, little BM! You won't be an ugly duckling forever. Who's on top now, baby? Not Stacey Dash, that's for sure. :)

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