Tuesday, March 28, 2006

U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

Well, the battle is on again for the soul of the non-union working class. Who will win? Oh, God, PLEASE let it be the corporations. It's called the Culture of Life, not Better Quality of Life! That's too much work.
Speaking of looking through the bent back tulips, Bruce Willis is going to have a very busy 2006 indeed! With or without Ashton Kutcher, or for that matter, M. Night WhatsHisName. And without Sin City 2 or 3!!! Well, maybe he's in negotiations. But there are sequels in his future, namely Die Hard 4, or as they seem to be calling it: Die Hard 4.0: Die Hardest. Oh, and I thought it was just a far-off dream. They say there's script troubles... well, troubles, if you call Bruce Willis just not wanting to come off looking like a jerk 'troubles''! I mean, is that too much to ask? Anyway, from what I understand, my insider Hollywood source tells me that this time Detective John McClane squares off with the winner of Freddy vs. Jason. It'll be a beautiful thing if it happens. No one has seen the likes of this kind of conflagration of great movie franchises ever! And they say there are no new ideas in Hollywood. Actually, I did see something like it, but it was that ad for Universal Studios movies, where each letter of the word Universal had a different movie in it. Maybe it'll be like that. All flash and no pan.
In the meantime, Bruce has no time to worry about 16 Blocks, and how it's stinking up the box office, because the new one is... Lucky Number Slevin? Is that what it said? It's the New Age alphabet with 7s turned every which way to form other letters... There's probably a website dedicated to letter-turning, somewhere. No time to look for it now! At least it's not based on another one of those damn graphic novels! Oops...
In other news, the Weitzs are at it again. Either that, or they're splitting up to try it on their own, it looks like! This time it's American Dreamz. Well, as David Spade would say, I liked it the first time... when it was called Chasing Liberty! Although the cute Mandy Moore is doing a stretch this time: she's NOT playing the President's daughter this time! WOW! I mean, where can you go from there, role-wise? Geena Davis tried the President thing, look what happened!

In other news, Thank you For Smoking is taking it to the next level. Or, just running the cast trailer. Hey, it's not just Aaron Eckhart, folks. It's Robert Duvall doing Richard Dreyfuss, or reprising his role from A Civil Action. Maria Bello! Wm. H. Macy! It's The Cooler 2! Too much excitement. I gotta go. :)

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