Thursday, March 23, 2006

More Movies on the Horizon

No "The WØRD" tonight on the Colbert Report! I'm in withdrawals! I guess I'm a Conservative kinda fella that way, depending on rigid structures to things. Then again, it was a pretty special episode.
So what's coming up? My attention on the matter isn't very consistent anymore, but there's a couple sticking up and out, beyond the fray. Benchwarmers, for example. This will be Strike Two 2006 for Allen Covert, but maybe there's plenty of room for (his) redemption in the halls of Happy Madison International. Anyway, back to the cast. The usual lot of sports cameos, and maybe the lovely Rachel Hunter will stop by and enlighten the proceedings, but let's face facts: it's Heder's movie to make or break. Give 'em hell, N.D.! You too, Deuce Bigalow (not as much...)
Stay Alive is still having the hell promoted out of it. I think I'll just wait for the video game.
Meanwhile, Find me Guilty didn't even make a dent in the Top 10! Whazzup w/that?
What else we got? We got Brooklyn Lobster, and Thank you for Smoking: I don't know. Normally I'd like an in-your-face ironic title like that. I guess I'm just disappointed that Neil LaBute didn't direct it. This could've been the next Nurse Betty.
Lindsay Lohan and Meryl Streep in the same photo? Moviefone's got all the answers. Meanwhile, Robert Altman's working on a sequel to Aria called 8. Ever since the Oscars, I still think about that scene from All that jazz...

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