Wednesday, March 22, 2006

On March 31st.....

Hey! I know how to draw some attention to this blog. Now, Bill O'Reilly... Need I say more? He might've been gratified when, on Keith Olbermann's Countdown, they talked about how he's the Fox News equivalent of Walter Cronkite. More importantly, he's a force, affecting the national dialogue... something like that. All right, moving on.
Well, a timeline has been set, and we're mere HOURS away from the release of BI2, baby! Now Eszterhas-Free (TM). No, instead, who they do have in the script department is a husband/wife team, so it better reflect that on the silver screen, guys! This dynamic duo is Leora Barish and Henry Bean. See that, kids? Dreams really do come true! I think it's probably because of "K Street", or their very tentative tangential connection to Section 8 Productions. The last episode of K Street dealt with Jack Abramoff's white-washing of K Street, making it a Democrat-free Zone, right? Anyway, back to the movie at hand. I don't know who exactly is excited about this sequel coming out, (originally intended as a direct-to-video sequel featuring Steven Seagal and Daryl Hannah in the leads) but I think it's a rare business opportunity. It's been 14 years since the last one. Do we have to wait another 14 years for Basic Instinct 3? In this, what is surely to be known as the Milf Age, I say bring it on! Can't Sharon Stone have a retirement plan too?
The original was directed by Paul Verhoeven, and the new one by Michael Caton-Jones. I'm not exactly sure that's an improvement. ...just kidding, it is, although I don't think The Jackal was an improvement on the original, but I did recognize some of the things they lifted verbatim from it. As for Doc Hollywood, did he do more with it than Jonathan Lynn would've done? I'll leave that for the professional critics to decide. Ooh, how about Herbert Ross? Ah, skip it. OTOH, we'll always have Memphis Belle and This Boy's Life. I would see City by the Sea if only for Franny McD, but I just can't put in the effort like I used'ta could.
Not much else to say about it, I guess. They couldn't give a role to Jeanne Tripplehorn? Guess she's too busy doing that whole Tripple-duty thing over on Big Love right now. Okay, we get it. There's problems with polygamy. Internal strife and external drive-by cross burnings. The triplicate picture here of Katherine Harris doesn't exactly tie in to the whole Basic Instinct thing, and it's too late at night for me to try, but I do attest to the fact that she's a formidable femme fatale in her own right, and I'm afraid I have to concur with the Daily Show's assertion: she's trying to use Mammary Hypnosis to win the vote, if not distract from her face. Good night, America!

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